Aurora Platform

Since we launched our Platform ‘Aurora’ in August 2021, we are proud to announce we have now over 300 active users who can consume online insights in a structured and recurring way. Users can easily navigate between their preferred insights, make bookmarks, and prepare their business reviews in an efficient way. Learn more about ‘Aurora’ […]

Data Integration Retailers

We have improved the insights of our Wholesaler Data Integration product. We structure SKU’s and channels across four wholesalers (Lyfra, Conway, Trendyfoods & Ameel) to help our clients to have structured insights in the convenience channel. Please find out more on how we at Impaqtr, collaborate with retailers and how we can be at service […]

Store Level

The trend that ‘store level data’ becomes more and more available to manufacturers increases. At Impaqtr, we follow this trend and we’ve finished a new product that contains among other things a white spot analyses, where we link ‘must have’ assortments with sales to identify how much value is lost, because of not being distributed. […]


A large coffee manufacturer has chosen to start analyzing their promotions within our platform ‘Aurora’. Insights on KPI’s like incremental & baseline sales, category impact and depth of deal are now available for them in a few clicks. If you have weekly retailer sales data available and want to work more efficiently around promotional insights, […]

Data Integration Manufacturers

We’re happy to announce that the Federation of Belgian Brewers strengthenedn our elation. As from this year a monthly data sharing project between the largest beer manufacturers has been professionalized and new market insights on off- and on-trade are available in our platform ‘Aurora’. More info on how to collaborate around data with your competitors […]