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Brasseurs de France and Impaqtr

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the prestigious Brasseurs de France. The organization has an impressive network of 437 members representing more than 98% of French beer production. Together, these breweries contribute significantly to the French economy, generating over 4.1 billion euros in turnover as per 2019 figures. Brasseurs de France has two main missions: 1) to defend the common interests of the French Brewery and profession and 2) to promote French beer, its heritage, and the exceptional know-how of its brewers.

Founded in 1878, Brasseurs de France is an ode to tradition. However, this doesn’t mean they are reluctant to embrace modernity. They know that in challenging times in the brewery industry, it is all about providing correct information to members in due time so they can effectively anticipate problems and trends.

That’s where Impaqtr comes in. Today, a lot of valuable time is lost manually inputting, validating and correcting data from members. You can imagine the complexity: too much workload for different parties and an increased risk of errors. Not only the quality of the reports can be compromised by manual way of working, but also compliance with the deadlines can be difficult to attain.

By concentrating the data process with us, Brasseurs the France can focus on what really matters. We take great pride and excitement in generating valuable insights and becoming the only source of truth for the Federation and its members participating on this project.

Together, Brasseurs de France and Impaqtr represent a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, setting the stage for a promising 2024 in the French brewery industry.

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